About Us

Our Story

It started with this passionate home cook and some missing aprons.
Several which mysteriously disappeared from our kitchen- masterminded by my husband who said "They make our place look 'off' ".
I listened to what he was truly trying to say and looked around- he was right!
They were "not us".

Hearing from more people made it clearer. In this pace where everything is mass produced then resold or made fast for trends, souls still crave for a sense of self. A feel of groundedness. Materials, designs and colors are better when intentional.
Inspiration flows when our homes, hobbies, and personal styles align.

We want to bring you everyday items- but better. More you, more soul, more comfortable, more Filipino. Welcome to Ae Lifestyle!


We are working on building a wider catalog to meet your needs. We are also pleased to handle embroidery for you. It is a thoughtful touch for gifts, one-of-a-kind tokens and giveaways.


What gives our products more heart are the people behind it. Made in small batches, each locally sewn.